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EXIT delves into the manic depressive mind of Lucy and through her eyes we see that everyone is battling their own private war hidden beneath the surface.  With Lucy as the common denominator, each character has an experience that parallels an experience of hers bringing to life a new empathy.




Keith Glab December 2015

"The rest of the action feels real, due in large part to the skilled cast. Even when the dialogue doesn’t ring true at times, they are often able to save the day by owning it and inserting small interjections. Lianne Rodriguez stands out as Lucy’s BFF Bella, who deals with a love crisis of her own."


Girls Night: The Musical (Entertainment Events, Inc) Touring


Girls Night: The Musical has been thrilling audiences and earning raves from critics throughout North America since it began touring after its sensational Off-Broadway debut. Follow five friends as they re-live their past, celebrate their present, and look to the future on a wild and hilarious night out, and you'll recognize a bit of yourselves in each one of them! It is described as “Desperate Housewives meets "Mamma Mia” (Applause Magazine) and “As funny and outrageous as Sex & the City!” (The Advocate). Girls Night is packed with hits “Lady Marmalade,” “It’s Raining Men,” “Man I Feel Like A Woman,” “I Will Survive,” “We are Family” and many more!


Anne Frank: Thinking Myself Out (GreatWorks Theatre) Ongoing 


Anne Frank’s story is presented by a group of survivors from other ethnic cleansings, each of them bringing their own families’ experience to their re-telling of Anne Frank’s story. This unique production helps your students see Anne Frank’s diary in an even larger historical context, while celebrating the com- mon faith, hope, and strength that has bonded these survivors with her own indominatable spirit. Playing at the Greenhouse Theatre, as well as touring schools in Chicago's suburbs.









Love Yourself In Public

Love Yourself In Public is the current graduating show for The Second City Music Program. It's easy to be your own worst critic and mute yourself to blend in. We invite you to silence those self-doubts - to be the special snowflake that you are! Let your freak flag fly and show off all your rough edges: LOVE YOURSELF IN PUBLIC!

Playing now through April 19th at Donny's Skybox Theater, 1608 N Wells, 4th Floor, Chicago, Illinois 60614

BLOWN: A Story In The Windy City (post-production)



BLOWN is a story seen through the prism of an outsider making his way into the modern Chicago Gay community. As a “dramedy”, the audience follows Elijah as he embarks on a new life journey, packing up his life in Virginia and moving to the second city for a second chance. With a witty and unique cast of characters, BLOWN looks into previously un-tred storytelling territory to explore the modern stereotype and social rules of Chicagoans and turn them upside down. Filming at familiar Chicago locations and featuring original music from Chicago based musicians, this series will be sure to find its’ way into the hearts of viewers as a love letter to Chicago.



Cuff Me: The Fifty Shades of Grey Musical Parody
(Entertainment Events Inc, NY) 


Cuff Me is a spoof on the popular erotica novel series Fifty Shades of Grey, which charts the sexually charged romance of a college student named Anastasia Steele and a businessman named Christian Grey.

Featuring a score of pop hits (with altered lyrics), the show jumps back and forth between two women reading the series with scenes of actual events from the novel…with a parody twist, of course. Don’t expect to see a literal translation of Fifty Shades on the stage—this show is all about sending up the mommy porn phenomenon with over-the-top performances, wild comedy and a slew of musical numbers that turn pop music on its head!







The Scarlet Line (Season 2)


Amanda Hutton is a freelance researcher and a retired member of the Scarlet Line. Amanda spent her 20s patrolling the streets, helping any she found in need of protection. She retired from the Line, as most do, at the ripe old age of 30, to get on with having as normal a life as she could stand. She’s got an apartment. A ficus. A fiancé. And she’s got a problem; her protégé has turned assassin. Now, joined by Chicago Police Detective Don Richards, Amanda must bring down the rogue “Scarlet” and find a new protégé to continue the legacy begun 100 years ago.



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The Marvelous Land of Oz (New American Folk Theatre)


Ryan Jay May 2013




Joy Campbell May 2013

"As Tip, Lianne Rodriguez has a beautiful bell-like voice straight out of fairy tales, and the entire cast has a great chemistry and upbeat attitude."




Zac Thompson May 2013

​The Frog Prince, Continued (Emerald City Theatre)

When "happily ever after" isn’t what he expected, The Frog Prince heads out for a new adventure. While searching for his true amphibian self, he meets witches from Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel, and Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. This musical tour through the enchanted forest is an Emerald City world premiere.




Elisa Drake January 2013


Rocky Horror (Underscore Theatre Company)

Elizabeth Schmeski  October 2012


"I keep an appreciation laced with envy for the uninhibited joy of performing each and every Rocky Horror actor brings to this production. And it is a pleasure to behold. Featuring a delightful tap dance from the bubbly, vivacious Columbia (Lianne Rodriguez)."


Julia Thiel,  Chicago Reader October 2012

"Chad Michael Innis and Lianne Rodriguez are outstanding as Riff Raff and Columbia , respectively."